Modern slaughterhouse according to the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Rusama has studied veterinary medicine and lives in a city in continuous growth. The city where he lives has a slaughterhouse for more than 50 years. In his day he was on the outskirts of the city but now he is surrounded by streets with houses. 
Rusama has been involved in the trade of beef and small ruminants for some time. He also has dairy cattle and a feed production unit for dairy cows and meat beef.
Rusama usually uses a mobile phone with an internet connection. He is connected to his friends through social networks and email.

One day, talking with Mutibagira, a former school friend, he told him about his project on the construction of a modern slaughterhouse that meets the United Nations sustainable development goals. 
The slaughterhouse would have a daily processing capacity of 100 cows, 200 goats and 100 sheep with cutting room, cold rooms and packing room.
Rusama needs information about the technology and the necessary machinery to set up the slaughterhouse. 
Mutibagira told him that he can find the information on the internet. Rusama replied him that there is too much information and that he doesn't have much time to find what he wants. Mutibagira told him that he can easily find information in NIRUDI, the Virtual Fair Platform Tool.
At NIRUDI, Rusama can demand the products and services he needs to start up the slaughterhouse.

Do you want to help Rusama find information on the products and services needed to build and assemble the necessary facilities for the modern slaughterhouse?

Add your products and services to NIRUDI to help Rusama carry out its modern slaughterhouse project that meets the United Nations sustainable development goals.