1000-4000L essential oil distillation plant

1000-4000L essential oil distillation plant - Shanghai Genyond Technology Co., Ltd.

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1000-4000L essential oil distillation plant

This machine is suitable for medicine, health care products, bio-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other industries to extract, collect plant volatile oils. This machine uses special structure of the water vapor distillation unit can efficiently extract the plant essential oils. Relatively similar products can significantly increase essential oil collection rate.

For big size essential oil distillation machine, we have two types for customers choice: 

up loading and up discharging

up loading and down discharging






1000L essential oil distiller Technical Parameter: 


1. Heating type:Steam generator 

2. Volume of extracting tank: 1000L 

3. Distillation basket:600L 

4. Condenser: Coil type, 300 mesh,condensing area 0.85 ㎡ 

5. Extracting temperature: Indoor temperature to 100℃ 

6. A Electric heating power: 15.5kw(conducting oil heating system) 

7. Pipeline Filter: Filtering capacity: 1000kg / h;filtration precision: 150 to 250 mesh 

8. Cooling media:Water,3T/h(customers can choose 3P chiller as needed) 

9. Temperature transducer: PT-1000 

10. Temperature control module: Taiwan LAHO 

11. B Temperature control system: Siemens temperature control steam proportional valve group 

12. Temperature control:A with automatic control and B through shutoff valve manual control or proportional valve automatic control 

13. Equipment Material:Whole equipment using excellent stainless steel SUS304,thickness 3mm 

14. Distillation tank: 2 layers stainless steel(electric heating 3 layers) 

15. Water separator material: Borosilicate glass 

16. Size:L7600xW9500xH4300m


up loading and up discharging type:



up loading and down discharging:





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Has 6 factories in China. 

We specialize in food machine, medicine machine and packing machine.

Our main products include the following items:

Item 1, essential oil distillation machine, herbal extracting & concentration machine,pharmaceutical equipment


Item 2,dairy processing line to make pasturized milk, UHT milk, youghurt, cream,butter, cheese,ghee and so on.


Item 3, fruits and vegetable deep processing line (chips, canned food, juice, wine, vinegar, paste, jam, powder, candied food, pickles, frozen food,Dehydrated vegetable and so on); vegetable pre-processing line (washing, sorting, cutting, pitting, peeling, blanching and so on.)

Item 4,nuts processing line (coffee powder, nuts milk, nuts butter, paste and so on)

Item 5,fish, meat and egg processing line (canned fish, canned meat, egg cleaning sorting packing, egg liquid and egg powder and so on)

Item 6,grain and oil processing line (grain flour, starch, food oil and so on)

Item 7, salt and sugar processing line.

Item 8, food packing line

We have been in the design and production of food machine and medicine machine for more than 20 years. Our machines have been exported to more than 200 countries.

Our advantage is to offer you turnkey project. Our rich experience can help you on food production. We not only offer you the machine but also the processing technology and service on food and medicine production.

You just need to give us an idea on food production and we will make different proposals to help you to get the best solution on design, price and installation.

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