Automatic Egg Cleaning Grading Machine

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Automatic Egg Cleaning Grading Machine


AZS egg cleaning grading machine adopts fully automatic cleaning and electronic weight classification system, it can fast clean and accurately grade your hen eggs, duck eggs. Featured with humanized design, low operating costs, and an accurate egg grading system, this egg grading machine is the ideal equipment for egg products manufacturers, egg processing enterprises, etc.

Commercial egg cleaning and sorting machine

Remarkable Features of Egg Washing Grading Machine

* Fully automatic egg cleaning and grading process, quick and clean.
* Electronic weight grading, efficient and accurate.
* Light inspection method of egg quality, automatic spraying with cleanser and warm water.
* Stainless steel material, easy cleaning, and maintenance.
* Humanized design, low operating costs, broad application field.
* Oil coating and code printing system are optional.

detailes show of egg cleaning grading system

Egg Cleaning Grading System Application

With a highly automatic system, AZS egg cleaning and grading machine is the necessary equipment of clean egg processing enterprises, food processing factories, hatcheries, breeding farms and so on.

Investment Tips on Egg Cleaning and Grading Unit

Eggs are necessary for our daily diet. They are one of the best sources of protein to create an anabolic factor and maximize your muscle growth, but also eggs can lower the risk of breast cancer in women and are great for the health of eyes. In addition, eggs are commonly used for further processing to make bread, cake, cookies and so on. Thus we can see the broad market share of eggs. So it’s a wise choice and investment for the egg processing industry.

Egg Cleaning Grading Machine Technical Data

Model AZS-MT100-1 AZS-MT100-2
Weight 1600kg 3350kg
Voltage 380v 380v
Power 24kw 32kw
Capacity(egg/h) 8000-10000 15000-20000
Dimension 17.3m*4.4m*2.1m 20.5m*5.5m*2.1m

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