Automatic Granular Food Packing Machine

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Automatic Granular Food Packing Machine


Automatic granule packaging machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment, which is upgraded on the basis of particle packing machine. It can automatically complete all the work such as the measurement, bag-making, filling, sealing, printing batch, cutting and counting and so on, automatically complete the packing of the fine particle-like substance. The electrical-sensor detects the color marks on the packing film to keep a perfect picture on each bag.

food grain granule packing machine

Automatic Granule Food Packaging Machine Characteristics

◆ Key switches plus digital display, reliable operation.
◆ Computer-controlled process which makes high precision bags.
◆ Automatic tracking color, eliminating false color smartly.
◆ Sealing dual temperature control, intelligent temperature control.

Automatic Granule Food Vertical Packing Machine features

Automatic Granule Packaging Machine Application

◆Granular materials: pill drugs, sugar, coffee, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, desiccant, seeds, and other fine particulates, etc.
◆Fluid and semifluid products: juice, honey, jam, ketchup, shampoo, liquid pesticide, etc.
◆Powder products: milk powder, soy flour, spices, wettable pesticide powder, etc.
◆Pieces and capsules: tablets, capsules, etc.

application of vertical granule food packing machine

Granule Food Packing Machine Maintenance

※Refueling machine, do not let oil flow around the machine and the ground beyond the oil spill cup. Because the material can affect the product quality
※ Regularly check the parts, once a month. If you find defects should be repaired in time, shall not be reluctant to use.
※The machine should be placed on clean dry indoor use, shall not use in the atmosphere that contains acids and other corrosive gases.
※ If not using the packing machine for a long time, it should be coated with anti-rust oil on the parts of glossy, and covered with cloth Punta.

Granule Food Packing Machine Technical Data

puffed snack packing machine parameter

Model AZSZV-320A
Film Width 120-320mm
Bag Length 50-200mm
Bag Width 50-150mm
Range of Measurement  50-500ml
Film Roll Diameter Max.320mm
Packaging Rate 35-70Bag/Min
Power 220V 50/60Hz  2.2Kw
Machine Size 980*774*1900mm
Machine Weight 300kg

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