Basket Type Food Blanching Machine

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Basket Type Food Blanching Machine


Basket type food blanching machine is the ideal equipment mainly used for the blanching and sterilizing of easily breakable products such as asparagus, mushroom and fruit slices, a piece of indispensable blanching equipment before quick-freezing and dehydration in pre-treatment line.

Basket Type Food Blanching Machine Introduction

Basket Type Food Blanching Machine Features

◇Adopt special basket type design (easy to take out), making the operation more convenient.
◇ Made of stainless steel which makes cleaning easier.
◇ Adjustable blanching time, automatically controlled water temperature and double insulation material.
◇ Safe and reliable operation, high capacity and energy saving.
◇ Enzyme inhibitory, color protection, timely dehydration, and cooling, composing a complete and coherent process.

Basket Type Food Blanching Machine Features

Basket Type Food Blanching Machine Application

☂ This food blanching machine is widely used for blanching and color fixing of fruits and vegetables like asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, fruit pieces, and fragile products.
☂ The blanching machine is widely used for pretreatment of peeling chicken feet and other cooked food
☂ This basket type blanching machine is also widely used for further processing like the shape processing of meatballs and fish balls.

vegetable for blanching

blanching machine for chicken feet

vegetable blanching machine for mushroom

potato chips blanching machine

Basket Type Food Blanching Machine Operating Instructions

1. Connect 380v/50Hz power supply (three bold lines) and one null line.
2. Set the water temperature to match the required temperature of food that prepared for processing.
3. Inject water to the equipment till it fills 50% of the total volume. Turn on the power switch, and put the food into the charging basket after the water is heated to the desired temperature. Then our whole blanching process begins.

Maintenance and Repair of Basket Type Food Blanching Machine

. Since the machine has a water drain valve, you can drain the water for each time the operation finishes.
. Inject clean water first before the machine starts working again so as to keep the heating pipe and inside of the machine clean.

Basket Type Blanching Technical Data

Model AZSPT-1000 AZSPT-1500 AZSPT-2000
Power 15kw/380v 18kw/380v 30kw/380v
Weight 50kg 80kg 120kg
Dimensions 1310*650*700mm 1780*650*700mm 2320*650*700

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