Bottle cap tightener capping machine manual

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bottle cap tightener capping machine manual

The tabletop automatic capping machine is a kind of bottle cap sealing and packing equipment, its shape is beautiful, the adjustment is simple, the capping amount is stable, the cost is low, the use is convenient, the low pressure control, the safety is reliable, this machine is mainly used for all kinds of plain capping, like medicine, health care products, chemical industry, changing products and so on.

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The machine is easy to operate. The operator only needs to put the cap on the bottle mouth. In the process of the bottle moving forward, the cap is automatically tightened by three sets of cap rollers.




220v 50HZ



Capping diameter


Production capacity

20-40 tim / min

Applicable bottle height


Machine size

520 * 300 * 530mm

Net weight


Operation panel is one-key operation, screw cover and lifting can be automatically adjusted, simple and convenient

  • The motor adopts imported frequency converter, which can speed stepless,The height adjusting knob controls the screw lid height according to the bottle height knob.

Bottle positioning device, positioning safety device, can prevent the bottle from toppling, safer operation

final products

  • We have many kinds of machines

  • This is a fully automatic capping machine

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