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Bread Slicer Machine


This bread slicer machine is specialized in cutting square bread and toasts into small slices more evenly with few bread crumbs. It uses sharp and high-quality blade with long service life.bread slicer machine

bread cutting machine structureBread Cutting Machine Features

* Compact size, convenient to operate and move.
* Stainless steel material ensures reliable and durable performance.
* Sharp blade, average strength of cutting knife.
* High efficiency, cost-saving and uniform thickness after cutting.
* Low noise, easy to maintain and clean.

Commercial Bread Slicer Applications

1. Automatic bread slicer is suitable for cutting bread, toast, steamed bun, ham, etc.
2. Wide range: This bread loaf slicer is suitable for bakeries, restaurants, canteen, hotels, food factories, supermarkets as well as bakery training institutes.commercial bread slicer

Tips & Warnings

* The key for successful bread slicing is to wait until the bread has completely cooled before attempting to put it on the slicing machine.
* The machine will tear apart a loaf of bread that is still warm inside.
* The art of baking involves accuracy, skill and dedication to the trade.
* Choosing the appropriate equipment gives the baker the opportunity for greater consistency in the product while reducing labor costs in most cases.

Automatic Bread Slicer Technical Data

Model HLM-31
Power 0.25 kW/h
Maximum slice pieces 30 pieces
Slice thickness 12 mm
Dimension 680*780*780 mm
Weight 52 kg

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