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Brine Injector


Brine injector or saline injection machine can inject saline or pickled dose into the meat to make the meat tenderization and soft so that to increase the taste and production rate of meat products. The poultry injector adopts high-quality stainless steel materials, having reasonable design and compact structure. It is convenient to operate, easy to clean, clear and healthy. Equipped with an automatic protective device, entry needle will raise when it hits hard materials and there is no damage to the hypodermic needle. We have 2 types of saline water injection machines: manual brine injector, and automatic saline injector.automatic and manual brine injector

Poultry Injector Features

1. Multi-needle meat injector is made of superior quality (304) stainless steel; simple to clean, up to the standard of food sanitation.
2. Manual brine injector adopts high-pressure injection pump with 0.25-0.34 Mpa pumping pressure.
3. Automatic brine injector is equipped with an automatic self-protect device to avoid damaging entry needles;
4. Pressure bomb structure is adopted to make the injection pressure stable and increase the production rate;
5. For automatic saline injection machine, users were able to adjust the stepping speed, distance and pressure according to different craft requirements;
6. The automatic type of AZSYZ-108 is specially used for fish.
7. Manual brine injector can be widely used in the food processing lab, catering industry, etc.multi needle meat injector

Commercial Meat Injector Applications

1. Commercial meat injector is mainly used for injecting saline or pickled dose into many kinds of meat.
2. Wide application business range: food processing lab, institute food project lab, school lunch service, catering industry, meat processing industry, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.commercial meat injector

Multi-Needle Meat Injector Working Principle

According to different technological requirements, users can inject the pickled dose into meat materials evenly through adjusting stepping speed, stepping distance etc, so that to get the best ideal effect.
We will try our best to help you
1. Please refer to the below technical parameters first; decide the suitable model;
2. We also can customize any specification machinery according to your requirement, and we will give you the best service.
3. If you still have any other problems, please feel free to contact us.

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Brine Injector Technical Parameters

Type manual automatic automatic automatic automatic
Capacity 200-400 kg/h 300-600 kg/h 600-800 kg/h 600-800 kg/h 1000-1200 kg/h
Power 0.75 kW 3.8 kW 5.1 kW 6.2 kW 7 kW
Weight 80 kg 430 kg 480 kg 530 kg 620 kg
Dimension 725*655*760 mm 1350*900*1620 mm 1350*900*1620 mm 1500*950*1620 mm 1650*950*1620 mm

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