Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine

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Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine


The bulbous vegetable cutting machine is one kind of multifunctional cutting machine, it is not only used for cutting root vegetables but also can cut kinds of fruits, by changing the cutter, the products can be cut into the different specification and shapes like strip, slice, cube, dice, etc. Featured by easy operation, high efficiency and reasonable price, this vegetable cutting machine becomes indispensable equipment in vegetable and fruit processing industry.

bulbous vegetable cutter machine descriptions

Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine Features

1. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, meet the food safety standard.
2. Compact structure, advanced technology, easy to operate and clean.
3. Fast speed to work with high efficiency, reasonable price.
4. The cutting knives can be changed to cut fruits and vegetables into different shapes and size.
5. The spare parts can be changed and customized according to the customer’s demands.

Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine FeaturesWidely Usage Range of Fruit Cutting Machine

1. Suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetable
◆ vegetable: commonly used in root and bulbous vegetable shred, slice, dice, such as radish, carrot, potato, sweet potato, taro, onion, cucumber, bamboo shoots, eggplant and so on.
◆ fruit: this vegetable cutting machine can also be used to cut fruits like apple, pineapple, strawberry, lemon, melon, banana, kiwi, peach, mandarin orange, guava, green papaya and other fruits into cubes, slices and rectangular shapes.
◆ others: Chinese medicinal herb, ginseng, American ginseng, etc.
2. Widely usage areas: food processing factory, vegetable retailer, vegetable wholesaler, pickled industry, supermarket, kitchen, restaurant, school, hotel, etc.


vegetable cubes

fruits cube

vegetable slice

Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Model AUSC-665
Horsepower 1HP
Voltage 220v
Capacity 500-1000kg/h
Size 750*520*900mm
Weight 70kg


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