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NIRUDI - [Eco Sustainable Digital ePlatform Tool]
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Checkweigher   substantiates   the   extensive   know-how   that   the   company   has accumulated in weighing technology over the years. By including a high-precision weight checking function in the production line, your product quality can improve without any decline in efficiency. The series provides a whole range of features for handling  different products,  and  incorporate new  functions  in response to modern necessities.


Easy Integration: adjustable height, modular design

Sturdy and robust construction: Stainless Steel 304, built to last

Easy  to  use:  on  board  touch  screen  operating  system  is  easy  to  use  with  user password protection

Easy to clean: detachable belt easy to to take apart for cleaning and set up. •Variable Speed: Speed configurable based on application

High Speed and Accuracy: equipped with high grade sensor and load cell with ultra fast processor for excellent accuracy and speed

Zero Trace: Manual and Automatic Calibration, increase accuracy




Basic Parameters of CW Checkweigher

Model CW-2512 CW-2515 CW-4021 CW-4525 CW-4530 CW-6240 CW-9050
Single Weighing Scope ≤200g ≤200g ≤ 1000g ≤ 1000g ≤3000g ≤ 15kg ≤40kg
Accuracy ±0. 1g ±0.2g~±0.5g ±0.3g~± 1g ±0.3g~± 1g ±0.5g~±2g ±2g~± 10g ±5g~±30g
Minimum scale 0.01g 0.01g 0. 1g 0. 1g 0. 1g 1g 1g
Conveying Speed 20-60m/min 20-60m/min









Max Speed 180 pcs/min 180 pcs/min 160 pcs/min 160 pcs/min 80 pcs/min 60 pcs/min 30 pcs/min


to be


Length ≤ 100mm ≤ 150mm ≤280mm ≤280mm ≤300mm ≤450mm ≤650mm
Width ≤ 100mm ≤ 120mm ≤200mm ≤250mm ≤290mm ≤390mm ≤490mm


r Belt’s

size of



Length 250mm 250mm 400mm 450mm 450mm 620mm 900mm
Width 120mm 150mm 210mm 250mm 300mm 400mm 500mm
Rated Power 0. 1KW 0. 1KW 0. 15KW 0. 15KW 0.4KW 0.4KW 0.4KW
Power Supply AC220V± 10% 50HZ  (60HZ)
Rejection Air Blowing/Push Lever/Swing Arm
Controlling System High Speed A/D Sample Controller
Operating Panel Touch Screen
Preset Products’




Facing Machine, from Left to Right
External Gas


0.6- 1Mpa
Interface of Air


Working  Environment Temperature:  0℃~40℃,Humidity: 30%~95%
Material of Machine SUS304


  • Report  and  Data  Exportation:  Built-in  real  time  report,  exportable  to  Excel  file, storing up 1 year production data in USB disk

  • Connectivity: standard ports for data exportation and connect to PC

  • Self-learning: no need to calibration, system will find the best set up for the product. Configurable up to 2000 product settings

  • Different Detection Modes: Default Mode, Static Mode, Power saving mode                

  • Faulty report: The system can detect and report faulty part of the system makes it easy to diagnose problems

  • Output Ports: RS-485 and RS-232, able to Connect with printers and label machines

About us

Who is COSO?

 COSO Electronic Tech has been established since 2005 and has more than 15 years experience in the metal detector field in Dongguan, China. With years of development, COSO covering an area of 10, 000 square meters, is located at Yuwu village, Dongguan, and has its own engineering team, very strong after-service team. COSO has dedicated in product sensitivity, stability and innovation in food industrial, shoes, clothes, plastic industrial, pharmaceutical etc. All of the machines are with one year guarantee.

 Our service products includes as metal detectorcheck weighermetal separator and security inspection equipment. Our products have taken large market shares in domestic as well as overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America, Africa and so on.



 Our company has been adhered to the enterprise idea of "Continuously Pursue Excellent Quality; Constantly Focus on Technology Innovation; Consistently Adhere to Quality Service". With our diligence, wisdom and persistence, we always work to improve the professionalism and reliability of the product. We pursue to supply customers with effective solutions and quality services. We would like to invite you come and grow with us together.

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Make production more efficient and make products more assured.

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To become a globally trusted manufacturer of testing equipment.

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Integrity, responsibility, extreme, innovation, gratitude, and win-win.