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NIRUDI - [Eco Sustainable Digital ePlatform Tool]
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1. Light source: LED light tube is adopted, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly. Four light sources of different bands can be equipped according to the local crop planting situation of the customer. The core device can be added and installed, which can more specifically trap and kill the local crop pests. The wavelength band of the conventional configuration light source is: 380nm ~ 390nm, 395nm ~ 405nm, 415nm ~ 420nm, 450nm ~ 460nm, the power of a single lamp is 4W, and the total power of the lamp is 16W. 

2.Lighting function: a light box is set at the bottom of the lamp body, and the size of the light box is 300mm × 300mm × 400mm。

3.Solar panel: single crystal silicon, high photoelectric conversion rate, power: 80wp or 100wp. It can be selected according to the local sunshine conditions of the customer.

4.Battery: lithium iron phosphate battery, safe, stable and durable, capacity: 48ah or 60ah. It can be selected according to the local sunshine conditions of the customer. 

5.Fan specification: single fan is 6W / 12V, rotating speed is 2200 rpm, brushless motor, strong wind force, inlet wind speed ≥ 5m / s, waterproof level is IP68, and service life can reach 20000 hours. Four fans are assembled with a total power of 24W. The wind tunnel cover is installed on the fan, and the wind tunnel nest design scheme is adopted. Under the condition of the same power consumption and the same tuyere area, it is better than the wind speed and insect killing efficiency of the axial flow fan and the traditional air suction insect killing lamp with open tuyere. 

6.Impact device: two acrylic plates are used as impact screens, which are evenly distributed at an angle of 180 °. The LED lamp is installed in the middle of the impact device, and has the anti-theft function of the lamp.

7.Whole lamp height: 2200mm, can be customized according to customer requirements. 

8.The size of the insect collecting box is 440mm × 440mm × 800mm, there are three layers of insect traps inside, and the leakage holes at the bottom of the insect traps from the top to the bottom become smaller in turn, so that pests of different sizes can be layered, which is conducive to the classification and analysis of trapped pests by plant protection personnel, and also plays a role in the prediction of pests. 

9.It has three working states: light control mode, time control mode and sleep mode. Under the light control mode, the equipment automatically turns off the light in the daytime and turns on the light at night. The working time length can be set; Time Under the control mode, the equipment will automatically turn on the light within the time period and turn off the light outside the time period; In the sleep mode, the device turns off the light and still communicates; It shall have rain proof function, and can work as usual even in rainy days. Light control function: block the light control sensor, the lamp shall automatically light up, and the insect killing lamp will enter the normal working state. Time control function: it shall have time control function, and the control time shall be arbitrarily set within 1-24 working hours. 

10.Dumping protection: the product has the function of automatic power-off after dumping. 

11.Short circuit protection: when the output terminal is directly short circuited, it will not be broken down or damaged, and the circuit can still work normally after it is restored to normal.

12. Low temperature protection: when the temperature is lower than - 5 ℃, the equipment shall be able to stop working automatically. 

13. It can be remotely controlled through the web and mobile terminals, and provide the account and password of the mobile terminal or the Web terminal, which can guide the user to operate and use.

 14. One account can remotely control multiple devices with different numbers. The configuration method is set by the service personnel in the background. 

15. You can list all the installed online insect killing lamps on the map, and you can directly select them on the map to enter the viewing state for unified management. 

16. It supports the control of mobile phone and Web terminal, and has rich status information display. You can know everything without going out of the house, such as geographic location, equipment number, base name, IoT network card number, remaining flow, card validity period, insect killing times, GSM antenna connection and other fault alarm information. It can remotely control and view the current working status, signal strength, power consumption, etc. of the equipment. 

17. Equipment fault alarm information is displayed in list form.

18. Control range of each lamp: 30-60 Mu.(1 Mu =666 m2)


About us

Among one of the leading corporations in China’s organic fertilizer industry with annual output of 5 million tons of animal dung and agricultural waste treated by the company-supplied products (composter strain & fertilizer machines) in China.

The company is the only corporation integrates all the industry sector of organic agricultural business, the group include: one organic fertilizer factory, one fertilizer machine factory, one micro strain (microorganism) plant, 2 crops protection factory (produce yellow sticky trap board, solar insect trap light, fog cannon ), the R&D unit include one organic substance analysis lab and one micro bio lab with the tech team from top China agricultural research units.

Our philosophy

The company has always adhered to the concept of

"innovating to strengthen and prosper green agriculture"

For more than17 years, we adhered to the industrial ecological restoration of soil and water resources pollution, and comprehensive utilization of agricultural wastes, and made every effort to promote the development process of agricultural modernization.

The structure of the corporation designed for winning the tender bidding of all China rural authority agriculture relating projects, which include rural area agricultural waste management, rural area soil improvement project, green farm facility procurement etc. Currently, the half of business revenue came from agricultural project tender sales.