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school chalk macking machine

Automatic water supply, electrical beating, mold filling, the mold, the entire assembly line. Manually change jobs for the
electric clutch type rotary assembly-line, greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve work efficiency many times, reduce raw material consumption by more than 30%, the product rate from 50% to 99%, High quality hot sale auto 800-2 chalk making machine,and product quality greatly increased output of chalk bright and clean, is a manufacturing reform chalk, chalk making machinery replacement. Each mold 800, there are introduced, disposable the mold. Chalk shape of round, square, hexagonal, and other chalk thick, thin, long, short, it can also be customized according to the user. High quality hot sale auto 800-2 chalk making machine。


Matters needing attention
1: The die push rod must be put in the end position.
2: The mold is strictly prohibited to use iron, collision or die.
3: filling mold can not be placed for a long time, otherwise solidified in the mold, resulting in mold scrap.
4: raw material selection: gypsum powder exercise degree directly affects the quality of chalk, production must pay attention to
the selection.
5. Materials: 1 ratio of gypsum powder and water.
6: when filling the first mold of the new mold, the triangle hole leakage slurry should be washed with water in time.


Right elevation

Left elevation

Front elevation

Chalk machine specifications (800-1, 800-2, 800-4, 800-6, 800-8,)

The grinding tools can be made to order( square

product name:HX800-1

product presentationThere's a mold, hand blender. One operator

capacity: 4000 PCS/hour

package size: L*W*H(mm) 660×480×360

weight:58 KG


One person can operate three sets, packaging needs one person.

product name:HX800-2

Product Introduction: Electric pulp mixing, automatic water supply, assembly line operation, 1 person operation

capacity:8,000 per /hour

package size: L:1400*W:1150*H:760mm

weight:230 KG


product name:HX800-4

product introduction:electric pulm mixing,automatic water supply,assembly line the one operation


package size:1760*1150*760mm



product name:HX800-6

product introduction: electric pulm mixing,automatic water supply,assembly line,The two operations

package size: 1760×1150×760mm


Chalk machine operation process

1、After the mold is installed according to the installation drawing, the mold mouth is upward before operation, and then brush oil. The new mold should be oiled more, and it is very important to oil evenly! Dip a wide brush in the oil, brush the mold mouth oblique and straight back and forth. Move the top rod bottom plate up and down to the end, and the contact of the four top screws shall prevail. It is also very important to put every mold to the end. If not, there will be chalk short and slurry leakage. (diesel oil, peanut oil ratio of 8:2) after a period of use. The ratio of diesel oil to peanut oil can be reduced to 9:1. Diesel oil can also add stearic acid,100 pounds of diesel oil plus 2 pounds。Stearic acid, first put stearic acid in a small amount of diesel oil, and then stir in diesel oil.
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