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Electric Meat Slicer


Electric meat slicer is mainly used for cutting boneless meat, vegetables and other food like hot pickled mustard tuber with elasticity into slices, and automatically become coil shape. There are three kinds of meat slicer: Semi-Automatic meat slicer, Automatic meat slicer, and Floor Type Automatic meat slicer. You can choose anyone according to your need. Every type has its own advantages. The meat slicer is widely suitable for hotel, dining room, meat products processing factory and so on.electric meat slicer

home meat slicerElectric Meat Slicer Features

1. The cutting knife is made of advanced stainless steel, the other part is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, sanitation, easy to clean and maintain.
2. Compact structure, beautiful shape, also easy and convenient to operate;
3. High working efficiency, low power consumption;
4. The meat cut by the electric meat slicer becomes roll type automatically.
5. Adopt an Italian cutting blade and equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

How To Choose the Right Machine?

1. You should make sure your capacity request. If used as a home meat slicer, and not stress capacity, you can choose the Semi-Automatic meat slicer.
2. If you need large capacity and high work efficiency, we suggest you choose Automatic meat slicer.
3. If used as a commercial meat slicer, we suggest you choose Automatic meat slicer or Floor Type Automatic meat slicer.
4. According to the size of the meat slice you need, you can choose a suitable machine. Please reference below data table.

The Comparison between Floor Type Automatic Meat Slicer and Automatic Meat Slicer

1. They are all suitable to be used as a commercial meat slicer, having a large output. The height of Floor Type Automatic meat slicer is higher than Automatic meat slicer. For tall people, Floor Type Automatic meat slicer is convenient to operate, save labor.
2. If used as a home meat slicer, the size of Floor Type Automatic meat slicer is large, need more space, we don’t suggest Floor Type Automatic meat slicer.

Electric Meat Slicer Technical Data

Model AZSSA-250 AZSSA-300 AZSSA-250A AZSSA-300A AZSSA-350H
Type Semi Automatic Semi Automatic Automatic Automatic Floor Type Automatic
Power 200 W 250 W 700 W 900 W 1500 W
Voltage 220V/50 Hz 220V/50 Hz 220V/50 Hz 220V/50 Hz 220V/50 Hz
Weight 25 kg 30 kg 50 kg 60 kg 223 kg
Knife diameter ф250 mm ф300 mm ф250 mm ф300 mm φ363 mm
Cutting speed 35 times/min 30 times/min 35 times/min 36 times/min 40 times/min
Cutting thickness 0-15 mm 0-15 mm 0-14 mm 0-14 mm 0-15 mm
Max round type cutting size ф130 mm ф150 mm φ100 mm φ115 mm Φ250 mm
Max rectangle type cutting size 230*130 mm 260*150 mm 200*100 mm 230*115 mm 350*250 mm
Size 520*465*430 mm 520*470*460 mm 520*465*430mm 550*630*750 mm 950*750*1450 mm

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