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French Fries Frying Machine


Our french fries frying machine is specially designed to fry various products like potato chips, peanut, horsebean, vegetable slice, etc. It adopts advanced oil-water mixture technology to give you perfect fried food with nice appearance and good taste. Due to low energy consumption, convenient and safe operation, our healthy french fries frying machine is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized food processing enterprises.
Brief Introduction of French Fries Frying Machine

French Fries Frying Machine Features

* The whole body made of high-quality stainless steel, safe and Hygiene.
* Adopts advanced oil-water mixture technology, timely clean the slag muck and reduce waste.
* The temperature of the oil and water can be controlled automatically, which ensure the good quality and taste of the fried food.
* Two heating methods: electricity or coal heating can be chosen according to customers’ requirements.
* Multifunction and the smokeless machine can continuously fry various kinds of food at the same time, and there is no taste mixture between each other, convenient and practical.
* Energy and cost saving. Compared with traditional frying, oil saving 50%, electricity/coal saving 40%.
* Options: automatic and manual discharge type equipment can be freely selected.
French Fries Frying Machine Features

fried peanut

French Fries Frying Machine Working Principle

Our french fries frying machine applies oil-water mixed principle due to the difference of their specific gravity, the water will sink under the oil. The oil and water can automatical layered after mixing together, then the oil frying food in the upper after heating, the residue after frying will sink in the water, received and timely cleaned up by the water, thus to extend the oil using cycle and make cost down sharply. Unlike the ordinary frying machine, the floating black oil residue may blacken and acidification in a short time and cause waste.

French Fries Frying Machine Application

Suitable for frying of various kinds of food such as fish, chicken, meatloaf, bean curd, potato chips, french fries, peanut, broad bean, vegetables, etc.
Suitable for food frying processing in the hotel, rest house, army, universities, enterprises canteen, fried food enterprise, and and chain stores, etc. 

Electric Heating Manual Discharge Type Frying Machine Technical Parameter

Model Power Frequency Temperature scope Net weight Overall dimension Oil groove dimension
AUSDYZ-500 9kw/380v 50Hz 0-300 ℃ 60kg 880x620x930mm 500x500x400mm
AUSDYZ-1000 21kw/380v 50Hz 0-300 ℃ 120kg 1380x620x950mm 1000x500x400mm
AUSDYZ-1200 24kw/380v 50Hz 0-300 ℃ 140kg 1580x620x1000mm 1200x500x400mm

Electric Heating Automatic Discharge Type Frying Machine Technical Parameter

Model Power Net Weight Overall dimension Oil groove dimension
AUSDYZ-1200A 27kw/380v 210kg 1600x1050x1200mm 1200x700x400mm
AUSDYZ-1500A 40.5kw/380v 230kg 1900x1050x1200mm 1500x700x400mm
AUSDYZ-2000A 54kw/380v 280kg 2350x1050x1200mm 2000x700x400mm


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