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Mainly used for sterilization of milk products such as milk, goat milk, camel milk, etc

Main Feature

Wide application, sterilization equipment sterilization time 5-40 minutes adjustable.


Milk pasteurization machine adopts high quality stainless steel processing and manufacturing, suitable for all kinds of packaging or canned food sterilization tank in the water temperature control between 80-90 degree centigrade, can have antiseptic effect, and can guarantee the protein and other nutritional ingredients no change beyond the scope of a larger temperature difference fluctuation and change, keep food precursor, taste, color and so on, to reach for food do not add any preservatives, is beneficial to consumer health, especially can prolong shelf life and storage period.

Milk pasteurizer is a kind of equipment which can sterilize all kinds of packaging or canned food, which is beneficial to the health of consumers and can prolong the shelf life or storage period. Fresh milk pasteurization machine is mainly used for sterilization of milk products such as milk, goat milk, camel milk, etc. It can also be used in beer, egg liquid, honey, soybean milk, etc..

Main principle is the principle of pasteurization, which is low temperature sterilization, also is not more than 100 ℃ for milk sterilization and pasteurization can keep the good bacteria in milk at the same time, kill the harmful bacteria such as e. coli. Sterilization equipment sterilization time 5-40 minutes adjustable; The sterilization temperature of 50-99 degrees can be adjusted and equipped with automatic temperature control device. The sterilization tank is equipped with thermal insulation facilities and a temperature compensation device, which ensures the equality of water temperature in the tank to ensure the sterilization effect.


Technical Data
Model 100 Refrigeration compressor
Mainframe:1870* 1250*1920mm
Weight: 850KG
Barrel diameter 500mm
Barrel height 500mm
Output 50-100kg/time
Material Sus304
Thickness 2mm
Machine Height 1900mm
sterilizing time 10-30min
Sterilizing Temperature 60-99 degree centigrade
Voltage 3 phase
Heating cycle 25—35 min
Supporting Material stainless steel square tubes
Power 380v  13kw
Size 1900*800*1900 mm
Weight 400kg
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