Fried Food De-oiling Machine

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Fried Food De-oiling Machine


Fried Food De-oiling Machine is mainly used for deoiling fried food to improve the quality and color so that the fried food more crisp and delicious, lower the business cost of fried food manufacturers and extend the quality guarantee period. Fried Food De-oiling Machine is widely used for deoiling all kinds of fried food, such as puffed food, and snack food, etc.

centrifugal deoiling machine

Fried Food De-oiling Machine Structure

Fried Food De-oiling Machines are fully-closed machines with digital control panel, electromagnetic brake, compact base, anti-shock device, frequency & speed controller and movable whirling basket.

Fried Food De-oiling Machine Features

1. Made of stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to operate and maintain.
2. Equipped with an anti-shock device, stable running, and high deoiling rate
3. Equipped with automatic digital control, electromagnetic brake, easy to operate
4. Equipped with the frequency & speed controller, adjust the speed of whirling basket according to your need.
5. Equipped with spill tank, the food and oil will not spill when deoiling.
6. Add the observation window and electromagnetic brake.

deoiled food by this oil removing machine

Cautions Tips

Confirm material basket right into the machine before turn on.

Fried Food De-oiling Machine Working Principle

The Azeus Fried Food De-oiling Machine adopts the centrifugal principle, through the fast rotating barrel to remove the extra oil. Improve the quality of de-oiling fried food, and reduce oil consumption.

Warm Tips

1. Please carefully check the below data first;
2. Choose a suitable model;
3. According to your requirement, we will give you the best service.

Fried Food De-oiling Machine Technical Data

Model Power/Voltage Volume(one time) Weight Dimensions (mm)
AZS-TY500 0.75kw/380v 8-10kg 400kg 940*560*830
AZS-TY600 1.1kw/380v 15-20kg 500kg 1050*660*930
AZS-TY700 1.5kw/380v 25-30kg 600kg 1180*750*930
AZS-TY800 2.2kw/380v 35-40kg 700kg 1280*820*1000

Fried Food Deoiling Machine Working Video

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