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Fruit Peeling Machine


Fruit peeling machine is that the machine imitates the staff peeling action, removing the peel of the fruit, in order to facilitate the subsequent processing and eating. The machine is controlled by PLC, which can carry out fruit peeling, coring, and fruit slicing. Fruit peeling machine is made of stainless steel and has the characters of high productivity, easy and convenient operation, which is widely used in the fruit processing factory, snack store, and cannery industry.
stainless steel fruit peeling machine

Fruit Peeling Machine Technical Parameters

Capacity 500-600 pieces/hour
Motor 1.5kw-220v/380v
Pineapple peeled skin thickness 2-7mm (can adjustable)
Dimension(m) 1.4*0.8*1.9
Net weight 150kg
Gross weight 180kg
Packing size (m) 1.5*0.85*1.9

Fruit Peeling Machine Features

1. This fruit peeling machine is controlled by PLC, which can carry out peeling, coring and slicing.
2. The cut knife can automatically change with the fruit shape, you can adjust the peeling thickness, thus the fruit flesh losses less.
3. Easy operation, high output, and almost complete peeling.
4. High peeling rate: above 98%, low waste.
5. The grinding wheel inside makes the peeling rate higher.

Fruit Peeling Machine Working Process

1. Before starting, choose the suitable coring blade according to the quantity of slicing. Then set the action and parameters in the touching screen.
2. Put the fruit into the hopper, peeling and cutting the ends, at the same time, the protection color tank liquid sprays the cut fruit to prevent oxidation.
3. Fruit peel and the peeled fruits discharge from different exits.

Fruit Peeling Machine Applications

peeled fruit by this multifunctional fruit peeling machine

It can be applied to more than 30 kinds of fruits and vegetables, including pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, watermelon, taro, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, kiwi, persimmons, pears mange, etc. The fruit peeling machine is the necessary equipment for processing canned, preserved fruit, dried fruit, fruit powder, jam, fruit cake, and fruit juice.

Purchase Suggestion

When you choose a fruit peeling machine, you should pay much attention to the peeling rate, whether the machine can automatically adapt to the fruit size, and whether it is easy to operate and maintain. Our multifunctional fruit peeling machine can meet all the requirements.

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