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Full Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine


The full automatic liquid packaging machine can finish the integrated processes of sachet packaging for liquid or paste, it is capable of making bags, sealing, packing and printing. The whole process is operated by PLC computer control system, easy to operate and high speed. Our full automatic liquid packing machine is suitable for various kinds of liquid, paste, semi-liquid products like water, milk, salad, wine, shampoo, jam, etc.

sauce liquid automatic vertical packing machine

Remarkable Features of Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

♂ Chinese and English display screen with clean and simple operation.
♂ PLC computer control system, stable operation and can adjust any parameters while operation.
♂ Can store ten groups of parameters and with accurate changing products.
♂ Adopt servo motor control, with fast speed and accurate pulling films.
♂ Unique temperature control system and the accuracy can upon 1℃.
♂ Various kinds of packing style like triangle sealing, four sides, hand-taking.
♂ Independent of the horizontal and vertical temperature control, suitable for film, the PE film packaging materials.

fully automatic liquid filling packing machine details

Full Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Highlights

☆ Material contact part is made of stainless steel, clean and healthy.
☆ High measuring accuracy, high efficiency, no broken material.
☆ Labor saving, low consumption, easy operation, and maintenance.
☆ One time to finish making bags, sealing, packing and printing dates.

Full Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Application

application of vertical liquid filling sealing machine

※ The liquid packing machine is widely used in foods, condiment, agricultural products, medicine, dairy products, and other industries for packing liquid, semi-liquid, paste, sauce, etc.
※ It is suitable for packaging material likeOPP\CPP, OPP\CE, PET\PE, NILO\PE, PE.

Full Automatic Liquid Packing Machine Technical Data

Model AUSIV-3220L
Length of bags 50-200mm(L)
Width of bag 50-150mm(W)
Width of films 320mm
Speed of packing 8-60bags/min
Measuring scope 20-500m
Pressure 0.65Mpa
Gas consumption 0.6m3/min
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 1.5KW
Overall size 1067(L) *1026(W) *1288(H)mm
Weight 290Kg


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