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Grains Puffing Machine


The grains puffing machine is the largest capacity puffing machine currently. It adopts liquefied petroleum gas or electric heating, with large output, low energy consumption, and high safety factors, being one of the necessary equipment in the domestic puffed food manufacturers. Compared with traditional airflow cans, this puffing machine has a simple structure, easy to operate unleaded puffed, work fast and best performance features, which produced the stable quality food and excellent taste, very popular among the customers.

puffed grain forming machine

Model AZS-PM10 AZS-PM50
Capacity 60-90kg/h 90-120kg/h
Volume of each container 8-10kg 10-12kg
Voltage 220V/380V/0.75kw 220V/380V/1.0kw
Net Weight 400kg 500kg
Package size(mm) 1600*840*1250 1800*950*1300

Large Scale Corn Puffing Machine Structure Highlights

● Equipped with thermometer and pressure gage which can automatically measure the internal tank temperature and pressure.
● The roller is made of insulation material and hot gas is not lost in the cylinder
● Improved tank body: tank body is wholly made of steel-cast material, firmer and more durable than common welding.

Working Flow Chart

Mixing→Conveying→Extrusion→Core Filling Machine→Shaping→Drying→Flavoring Line→Packing

The Large Puffing Machine Features

wide application of cereal pop machine

◆ This stainless steel puffing machine is especially suitable for puffing and expanding all kinds of coffee, rice, corn, barley, wheat, bean, maize, sorghum, millet, peanut, sunflower seeds, sesame, Chinese chestnut, and other food’s puffing, with crispy taste and lively shape.
◆ Making various flavors puffing food, like coffee flavor, sesame flavor, spicy and hot flavor, etc, with common material and simple technology. It keeps the original flavor, color and nutrient of the raw material at the most degree.
◆ Ideal for leisure food factory, coffee shop, bakery, drinks shop, restaurant, fruit and vegetable processing factory, and condiment processing factory, etc.

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