Intelligent pest monitoring system

Intelligent pest monitoring system

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NIRUDI - [Eco Sustainable Digital ePlatform Tool]
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Pest monitoring system

Our company has launched a new generation of pest control monitoring system that meets the GB/T24689.1-2009 
standard. This system
Mainly use modern light, electricity, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology, Internet of Things technology to build a set of pest ecology
Monitoring and early warning system. The system integrates pest trapping and photographing, environmental informa­ tion collection, data transmission, and data analysis in Integrated, realized pest trap collection, classified statistics, real-time reporting, remote detection, pest early warning and control guidance
It is automated, intelligent, stable in performance, easy to operate, and flexible in settings.

Al recognition-artificial intelligence

Insect situation monitoring station equipment uses high-definition cameras to capture insects and upload them to the cloud platform, and the database is automatically identified
The type and number of insects are judged whether the pre-warning conditions are met. If the pre-warning condi­tions are met, the Alarm records, the system will automatically generate a bug report after the linked device sends a message.


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