Machine wooden stick for food bbq making machine

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Machine wooden stick for food bbq Chinese feed sticks making machine

Wooden stick making machine is mainly used to produce wooden and bamboo barbecue sticks. Specially used for processing beef and mutton skewers wooden sticks (that is, barbecue sticks) and other wooden sticks for food ;Machine can equip with different molds for making different diameter and length food stick The following 6 sets are a production line, with an output of about 400,000 pieces in 8 hours, and about 200-500 kg of dry wooden sticks. 3-4 employees are required to operate, and 380v industrial electricity is used. If one wooden stick sharpening machine is added, the output will be 800,000 sticks.

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1. Wood multi-blade saw machine
Select the processed billet wood for processing and layering, multiple layers and multiple pieces at a time, smooth feeding and uniform output ;

Can be cut into different thicknesses and widths according to customer requirements

2. Wood-wool forming machine
Divide the wood chips into filaments of different diameters, and different diameters of wood filaments are matched with different molds

3. Wood-wool sizing machine
Cutting the wood-wool into different length ; Easily to operate and cutting fast 

4. Pegwood polishing machine
Put all the cut wooden sticks into the groove, and the wooden sticks will rub back and forth smoother when the machine is shaking

5. Pegwood sharpening machine
Bamboo stick sharpening machine is mainly used to produce bamboo and wooden barbecue sticks. For the sharpening of various specifications of barbecue skewer thickness, different specifications of this machine can be used to process the sharpening and engraving of different specifications of bamboo and wooden round sticks at one time.

6. Multiple use knife machine
The multi-purpose sharpener is used for grinding the blades and molds of each machine to make the blades sharper

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