Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

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Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

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Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter


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Non LED Light  1set/box,10 boxes/carton

Box size:28.5*12.5*12.5cm  Carton size: 69.5*30*29cm

With LED Light  1set/box,10 boxes/carton

Box Size:38*15*12.5cm  Carton size:64*41*32cm

Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

Delivery Time:7-10 days after payment




Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

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Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

                       Non LED Light                                                               With LED Light


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Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

Mini Hydroponic Garden Planter

Mini Hydroponic Garden PlanterMini Hydroponic Garden Planter


About Us

Lantan company introduce and information

Hebei Lantan Import and Export Trade CO., Limited, a professional production and export company, founded in 2016.

Professional production technology and professional export service team!

Call on all buyers to join our family !!

With many cooperation manufacturers which integrates design and production,we can provide you many kinds of products with high quality. For shipping, we will choose best express company with fastest delivery and transport capacity.

Factory has senior managerial staff members, senior technicians, engineers, and others workshop staff.

With boasts 20 sets of large & medium machining equipment, process equipment ,and testing instruments for nondestructive testings, physicochemical tests and pressure tests, etc.

Our main production and export products are as follows:

1, Greenhouse hydroponic and growing system plastic products.

For example:

NFT hydroponic pipe/channel, Stereoscopic hydroponic planting tower

Stereoscopic aeroponic planting tower, Plant growing plastic gutter.

Cultivation bag plastic gutter, PP vertical planting flower pot.

Hydroponic lazy flower pots, PS seedling tray, Seed nursery trays.

Agricultural rock wool, Dutch bucket, Potatoes pots, PP planting box.

NFT hydroponic planting box, New type seedling gutter.

Seedbed (mesh pallet seedbed and ebb and flow tray flood).

2, Greenhouse&farm&agricultural use plastic pipes/hose.

For example:

HDPE water supply pipe, PVC water supply pipe, PVC garden hose, PVC square/rectangular pipe, PE irrigation pipe, PE drip irrigation pipe and fittings.

3, Greenhouse&farm and others field use products.

For example:

Polycarbonate sheet, Water pump, LED plant growing lamp, and simple metal support structure.

Our company keeping to corporate spirit of 'solidarity, endeavor, pragmatics, and innovation'.

Management promote efficiency.

Quality strives for the survival.

Credibility and development.

Good faith tree brand.

Sales increase vitality.

Hebei Lantan Import & Export Trade CO., Limited values 'Quality, Customer, Credit' first.