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The new type organic fertilizer granulator is a new product developed and produced by Renyuan biotech . It is used to granulate various organic materials after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic material granulation process. Some raw materials do not need to be transformed before granulation, and spherical granular can be processed directly after raw materials are crushed, which can save a lot of energy. The produced granular are spherical with high organic content, so pure organic materials can be granulated without adding adhesives.



Specification and model Capacity T/H Power kw Overall dimension(mm) Reducer
ZLJ -40 0.5-1 18.5 2900×1200×1300 ZD20
ZLJ-60 2-3 37 4500×1700×1300 ZD25
ZLJ-80 3-5 45 4900×1700×1400 ZD30
ZLJ-100 5-6 75 5300×1900×1500 ZD35
ZLJ-120 6-8 90 5700×2100×1700 ZD40
ZLJ-150 8-10 110 6300×2200×2000 ZD50

About us

Among one of the leading corporations in China’s organic fertilizer industry with annual output of 5 million tons of animal dung and agricultural waste treated by the company-supplied products (composter strain & fertilizer machines) in China.

The company is the only corporation integrates all the industry sector of organic agricultural business, the group include: one organic fertilizer factory, one fertilizer machine factory, one micro strain (microorganism) plant, 2 crops protection factory (produce yellow sticky trap board, solar insect trap light, fog cannon ), the R&D unit include one organic substance analysis lab and one micro bio lab with the tech team from top China agricultural research units.

Our philosophy

The company has always adhered to the concept of

"innovating to strengthen and prosper green agriculture"

For more than17 years, we adhered to the industrial ecological restoration of soil and water resources pollution, and comprehensive utilization of agricultural wastes, and made every effort to promote the development process of agricultural modernization.

The structure of the corporation designed for winning the tender bidding of all China rural authority agriculture relating projects, which include rural area agricultural waste management, rural area soil improvement project, green farm facility procurement etc. Currently, the half of business revenue came from agricultural project tender sales.