Small and High Quality Mango Pulp Processing Producing Line

Small and High Quality Mango Pulp Processing Producing Line - Hebi Renyuan Bio Tech Development Co., Ltd.

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Product Description
Different Input Fresh Mangoes
Different Output Mango juice pulp or puree product
Brief Introduction of Process
Air-blowing washing channel
Belt sorting machine 
Mango peeling destoning machine

Pulping and refining machine

Two stages pulping to enhance the quality of the fruit and vegetable pulp, to make it thinner and separate the dreg with fruit easier in the following processing.
Horizontal spiral centrifuge
After the suspension (or emulsion) is added to the rotating drum, it is quickly driven to rotate with the rotating drum at thesame speed.
Forced Calculation Evaporator
Used for concentrating mango pulp.
Single effect, Double effects, Tripple Effects Evaporators. Choose different type according to the capacity.
Falling Film Evaporator
Used for Mango Juice concentrating.
Different end product will need different type evaporator.
T-I-T Sterilizer
Specially used in sterilization for high viscosity materials such as Paste, Jam, Puree, Pulp and concentrated juice, etc.

Aseptic filling machine

Suitable for differenet volume aseptic bag with 3-220L.

For Mango juice or beverage, it may need to add the following steps:

Blending Tanks
Single, double or three-jacket layers for your choice.

Filling Machine

Suitable for different kind of bottles.

Sterilizing Tunnel

For post-sterilizing for different packages.



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Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co.,Ltd. established in 2011, Shanghai EasyReal is a manufacturer & State Certified High-tech enterprise, Specialized in providing turn-key solution for not only the fruit & vegetable production lines but also pilot lines.

Due to our continuous development and integration with international companies like STEPHAN Germany, OMVE Netherlands, Rossi & Catelli Italy, etc, EasyReal Tech. has formed its unique and beneficial characters in design and process technology and developed a variety of machines with independent intellectual property rights. Thanks to our much experience over 100 whole lines, EasyReal TECH. can offer production lines with daily capacity from 20tons to 1500tons and customizations including plant construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production. 

Providing the most optimized implementation plan and manufacturing quality equipment is our basic duty. Paying attention to every need of customers and providing optimal solutions are the values we represent. EasyReal Technology. Provide European-level solutions for liquid food-fruit juice, jam, drink industry. Through continuous integration of new foreign fruit and vegetable processing technology, we have fully realized technological improvement in the processing technology and equipment improvement of fruit juice and jam.


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In the design and manufacture of complete fruit and vegetable processing and production line equipment, from the selection of technology to the design, manufacture and integration of cost-effective equipment, all of which are tailor-made by EasyReal for customers. EasyReal strictly controls these steps to ensure the safety and stability of the production line. The tomato paste, apple, pear, peach, citrus fruit and other fruit and vegetable processing equipment developed and produced by EasyReal have won unanimous praise from users in China. At the same time, the products are exported to Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions, and have gained a good reputation internationally.

Our vision: technology enhances manufacturing, innovation leads the future!