Soft capsule softgel paintball making machine

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Soft capsule softgel paintball making machine

 softgel making machine consists of medicine supply, gelatin preparation, pulsant cutting, cooling oil circulation, refrigerating, capsule shaping system. By adopting of advanced pulsant cutting technology, high dosing accuracy and capsule quality are guaranteed. Compared with normal soft capsule encapsulation machine, this machine can produce round shape capsule without expensive mold. Besides, there is no waste of gelatin.

1.1.1Host machine
It is the most direct equipment unit to complete soft capsule production.
It is mainly composed of machine frame, machine head, material feeding pump, lifting device, pill feeder, gelatin skin wheels, gelatin coating system, lubrication system, conveyor, electric control box, control panels and other components.
1.1.2 Machine frame
It is the carrier for supporting and installing various functional components, and stainless steel coating is installed outside.
1.13 Machine head
It is used for installing the mold, and can drive the mold for synchronous rotation to complete the action of cutting pills. The rotation accuracy and synchronization accuracy of the machine head directly affect the molding quality of pressure pills.
1.1.4 Material feeding pump
The feeding pump is fixed above the machine frame, it sucks the material liquid in the hopper, and sends the liquid into the switch board combination through four feed tubes, a part of material liquid is sprayed out from the wedge-shaped sprinkler body after being distributed of the shunting plate in the switch board
 combination, and the other material liquid can be sent back into the hopper along with the return hose.
1.1.5 Lifting device
It is installed in front of the material feeding pump and above the machine head, and is composed of switch board combination, and a sprinkler body combination is fixed on the lower end.
1.1.6 Gelatin skin wheel
The gelatin skin wheels are fixed on both sides of the machine frame with one on the left side and the other on the right side, cooling medium is sealed in the gelatin skin wheels, the cooling medium commonly adopts clean water. Clean water can circulate in the gelatin skin wheel and the pipelines under the effect of circulating water pump of water cooling machine during work, meanwhile, the refrigeration system is started, the temperature can be set through the temperature control push button on the water cooling machine, the temperature of the gelatin skin wheels can be kept in the error range of the set value after certain time.
1.1.7 Gelatin coating system
It comprises tube pinching combinations, gelatin coating roll combination, oil roll combination and carrier roller. The tube pinching combination is used for controlling turn-on and turn-off of the gelatin inlet. The gelatin coating roll combination, oil roll combination and carrier roll are fixed on the aluminum plate in front of the machine frame, the power of the gelatin coating roll combination is sent out by the main motor, the rose work shaft in the gelatin coating roll combination is rotated to tear off the prepared gelatin skin from the gelatin skin wheels, and send it into the oil roll. The oil roll can coat oil on the gelatin skin to play a role of protecting the gelatin skin. The carrier roll is used for supporting and guiding the gelatine skin.

For our Softgel Encapsulation Machine, we usually have the following three molds:


Model GY-100 GY-150 GY-250
Rolling die speed 0-5r/min 0-5r/min 0-5r/min
Rolling die size 64*100mm 103*100mm 150*250mm
Capacity 18,000 pcs/h 30,000 pcs/h 100,000 pcs/h
Power 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ
Dimension 1300*550*1350(h)mm 1680*600*1550(h)mm 2110*1000*2000(h)mm

Above the three molds, the rolling die size can be made in accordance to customer request.
Technical Patameter of our GY-100:

Mould Size (mm)  φ64×100mm
 Mould Revolution: (RPM)  0-5rpm(variable speed)
Volume of Plunger Pump 0-2 ml   (adjustable continuously)
 Main Motor Power:  0.75kw
 Machine power:  4kw
 Power Supply:  380/220v 50Hz
 Over dimension:  1300×510×1300mm
 Weight:  >400kg

 Technical Patameter of our GY-250:

Mould Size (mm) Dia. 150 X W: 250
Mould Revolution: (RPM) 0-5 Rpm (adjusted variable speed)
Volume of Plunger Pump 0-2 ml   (adjustable continuously)
Pump Accuracy:  +/- 1.5%; (Filling the Suspension & smaller filling volume)
+/-0.5% (filling volume not less than 500 mg)
Pump Type 20 plunger pump
Production Capacity : (8# OV capsule) 115,440 pills/hrs(4.0 RPM)
                  (20# OB capsule) 58,800 (4.0 RPM)
Power Supply: 12 Kw, 360V 3 phases (can be modified as user's requirement.)
Weight:  1,500 Kgs
Machine Dimension: (LxWxH) 2040x960x1900mm


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