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Vacuum Freeze Dryer For Household Use

Customizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For Sale


Vacuum freeze drying technology, also known as sublimation drying, is a method to pre-freeze water-containing material and sublimate its moisture under vacuum. The original biological and chemical properties of freeze-dried items are basically unchanged, which is easy to keep for a long time. After adding water, they can be restored to the state before freeze-drying and maintain their original biochemical properties. Therefore, vacuum freeze drying technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products and other fields.

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Customizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For SaleCustomizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For Sale

Customizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For Sale

Product Parameters


Product Model KWD-HFD-1 KWD-HFD-4 KWD-HFD-6
Freeze-dried Area 0.1 0.4 0.6
Cold Trap Coil Temperature <-40℃ (no-load)
Ultimate Vacuum 15pa (no-load)
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Power 750W 1100W 2300W
Handling Capacity 1-2KG / batch 4-6KG / batch 6-8kg / batch
Layer Spacing 45mm 45mm 50mm
Weight 50KG 80KG 120KG
Material Tray Size 140mm x 278mm three layers 200mm x 450mm four layers 300mm x 400mm four layers
Dimension 400mm x 550mm x700mm 510mm x 700mm 850mm  700mm x 800mm x 1300mm 
Integrated structure, small size, easy to use, no leakage
Materials in contact with the product meet food grade requirements
The cold trap is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and easy to clean
With sample pre-freezing function
The cold trap captures ice evenly; strong ice capture ability
International famous brand compressor, which are high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, low noise.
Well-known brand vacuum pump, which are high pumping speed and higher ultimate vacuum.
Intelligently record and export data

Product Details

Customizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For SaleCustomizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For Sale

Application Scenario

Customizable Vacuum Vertical Vegetable Freeze Dryer At Home For Sale

Home freeze dryer is a small vacuum freeze dryer.It is suitable for home use and small amount of freeze-dried use.It is widely used in freeze-drying of fruits, vegetables, meat, Chinese herbal medicines, health care products, etc.Freeze-dried food and medicinal materials are easy to be stored for a long time, which can retain the taste, nutritional content and shape of the original material to the greatest extent.

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