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Vacuum Meat Tumbler


Vacuum meat tumbler is widely suitable for chicken, duck, goose, pork, beef, mutton, fish, etc. Tumbling is also called massage; is finished through the roll, collision, extrusion, friction. It is the most key procedure in massive class western-style meat products processing and is the typical case of mechanical action and chemical action of the organic combination. It has a nice effect on product cutting, output, taste, color, and luster.vacuum meat tumbler

Vacuum Tumbler Marinator Features

1. Vacuum tumbler is made of SUS304 advanced quality stainless steel, meeting the standard of food sanitation; easy and simple to clean, long service life, compact structure.
2. Equipped with a frequency transformer, the rolling speed of the tumbler is adjustable, making the machine more safe and convenient.
3. The user can set work time, intermittent rolling time, vacuum rolling time to ensure the automatic function.
4. The controlling device of the meat tumbler is waterproof and adopts import Omron cassette mechanism.
5. We also have a small size vacuum tumbler, which is Lab type machine. It’s widely used in the food processing lab, canteen in school, etc.
6. The paddle inside the roller is V-shaped structure which can shorten the rolling time.

vacuum tumbler meat tumbler applications

Vacuum Tumbler Machine Structure and Working Principle

Vacuum meat tumbler mainly consists of a roller, frame, vacuum pump, speed reducer, and circuit. The chicken tumbler makes the meat rolling in the rolling cylinder under the vacuum condition taking use of physical shock principle. The pickled liquid is absorbed by the meat, to strengthen the water retention and increase product elasticity and yield.

What’s the Characteristic and Effect of the Rolling Meat?

1. The pickling liquid can be absorbed evenly in the meat material.
2. Strengthen the adhesion force and increase the elasticity of meat.
3. Increase the water retention and enhance the output.
4. Increase the tender and stability of products.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Meat Tumbler

Model Power Voltage Rolling Speed Vacuum Degree Effective Volume Size
AZSGR-15L 1.3 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  8 L  880*450*700 mm
AZSGR-20L 1.3 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  10 L  910*500*800 mm
AZSGR-30L 1.3 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  15 L  910*550*850 mm
AZSGR-50L 1.5 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  25 L  910*730*850 mm
AZSGR-70L 1.85 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  35 L 1200*660*1000 mm
AZSGR-100L 1.85 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  50 L  1130*712*1100 mm
AZSGR-200L 2.25 kW  380 V  7 rpm ≤ -0.08 mpa  100 L  1600*1100*1450 mm
AZSGR-300L 2.25 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  150 L  1760*1000*1500 mm
AZSGR-600L 2.95 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  350 L  2000*1000*1550 mm
AZSGR-800L 4.75 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  400 L  2250*1200*1700 mm
AZSGR-1000L 6.6 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  500 L  2560 *1350*1770 mm
AZSGR-1200L 6.6 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  600 L  2560*1400*1870 mm
AZSGR-1600L 8.6 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  800 L  2530*1500*1950 mm
AZSGR-2000L 8.6 kW  380 V  7 rpm  ≤ -0.08 mpa  1000 L  2800*1700*2150 mm

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