Vacuum Optical Emission Spectrometer For Metal Analysis

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Vacuum Optical Emission Spectrometer For Metal Analysis

The 4th Generation High Performance Metal Analyzer

CMOS-based, spark discharge, metal detection

Ultra-low limits of detection

High integration, reliability, stability

Lowing operating cost and easy maintenance

Vacuum optical chamber and low argon consumption

Argon jet technology to optimize small sample analysis

Standardized parameter modification

Maximum 30+ elements

High nitrogen (N) analysis 0.03-0.9%


W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer bring in the advanced technology from Europe. It is the 4th generation Arc/Spark-OES with high performance lowing operating cost for metal analysis and this is the latest research and development of detection equipment. The overall optical design has been enhanced, and with improvements of CMOS technology used to further improve the performance of the W5 while retaining the major benefit of earlier units. The CMOS spectrometer is not only contain the full spectrum characteristics of CCD spectrometer but also the extremely low detection limit for non-metallic elements such as C, S, P, B, As, N etc. The operation is simple and easy to learn. The test result is stable and accuracy. It is a good choice of all common metals for incoming and outgoing product quality control.


W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer (spark OES) is used for applications in metal elemental analysis, trace element analysis for science and industry like Metallurgy, Foundry, Mechanical Engineering, Scientific Research, Product Inspection, Automobile, Petrochemical Engineering, Shipbuilding, Electrics, Aerospace, Nuclear Power, Metallic and Nonferrous Metallic Smelting, Processing and Recycling.

Steel Plants Where needs high accuracy or elements like C, N, Cr, S, P etc.

Testing Laboratories: Commercial testing laboratories, Universities and colleges

Pure metal applications purity Al, Pb, Zn, Cu etc. – most industrial users

Regulatory compliance Very low LODs to control Pb, Cd, As etc.

Foundries which need a quick analysis near the furnace

Manufacturing Facilities

Warehouse material identification

Base: Fe, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ag, Mn, Cr etc

Features :

1.Superior Performance Optical System, Intelligent DigitalSpark Source

2.It can detect elements including that C, P, S, N and it is suitable for a variety of metal base.

3.The design of argon gas circuit is reasonable to make argon washing’s time is shorten when the sample excitation.

4.The rate of analysis is fast, all elements in the channel can be tested within 20s.

5.Solid absorption trap can prevent oil and gas from polluting the light chamber and improve its stability.

6.Standardized parameter modification.

7.Control sample correction function.

8.The core device are all original imported in order to promise the products’ quality.




Optical system

Optical structure

The Paschen Runge construction full vacuum type optics system

Room temperature


Wavelength range


Focal length


Grating line


First order spectral line dispersion rare



Multi block high performance linear CMOS array

Average resolution ratio


Spark table


Argon gas (99.999%)

Argon flow rate

When spark: 3-5L/min

Standby time: no need for standby traffic


Tungsten electrode technology


Automatic purge function

Make up

Thermal deformation self-compensation design

Analyze the gap

Sample stage:3.4 mm

Spark source





Discharge current


Special technology

Optimization of discharge parameters design

Pre -combustion

High-energy pre-combustion technology


High end ARM, high-speed data synchronization acquisition and processing

Data collection system


Ethernet data transmission based on DM9000A


220VAC 50/60Hz(Customized)



Fe, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ag, Mn, Cr etc

Power consumption

Maximum:750W standby:40W

Working temperature

10-35℃(temperature ≥5°C)

Working humidity





About 100Kg


About us


Wuxi Jinyibo Instrument Technology Co., Ltd focus on manufacturing advanced instruments and providing the best solutions for various elemental analysis and technical cleanliness analysis to help users better understand a wide variety of materials, from polymers to mining and from metals to component. Products including Optical Emission SpectrometerCarbon Sulfur Analyzer, LIBS Analyzer, ICP Spectrometer, Technical Cleanliness Analysis System, XRF Spectrometer, Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer and others.

Since 1983, 4 books written by our 12 senior engineers that adopted by academy as teaching books, we delivery more than 9000 sets instruments all over 45 countries. Our technologies now are used by scientists and engineers in a wide range of industries and organizations to solve the challenges associated with maximizing productivity, developing better quality products and getting them to market faster. Our customer list covers the spectrum from small to large international companies in many different industries. We are proud to be a vital partner in providing quality products to improve both safety and offer superior analysis to our customers.

Nowadays, JINYIBO as a representative of the brand, is the symbol of products and services as well as the image of the endorsement. JINYIBO is different from other competitors to establish proprietary properties of JINYIBO products and services: Precise Instruments, Perfect Experience. Our aim is to be the preferred supplier of analytical instruments globally and to help more and more customers use the high-quality products with affordable price.


JINYIBO as a representative of the brand, is the symbol of products and services as well as the image of the endorsement. JINYIBO is different with other competitors that we establish proprietary properties of JINYIBO products and services: Precise Instruments, Perfect Experience.

In times of peace and development 1960s, our country has cultivated sophisticated dual-use talents and established entity mechanism as the center of detection technology to develop military equipment. Our CEO Dr. Ye Fanxiu, he serves as a technical director and a chief engineer at Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 9759 Factory, as high-speed analysis of the industry leader, at the beginning of 1983, he has taken part in and developed infrared carbon sulfur analyzer meanwhile he also has developed PMT direct reading spectrometer, ICP-AES plasma spectrometer, oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer and other elemental analyzer. At the beginning of 2000, we start to develop CCD optical emission spectrometer, in following 10-15 years we have TY series OES use CCD or PMT detector, M series OES in CMOS detector, W series OES in CMOS detector. Now at 2021, our portable OES, E series OES come out, since then we as the comprehensive spectrometer manufacturer of desktop OES and portable OES. At 2018, our Expert-1 handheld LIBS analyzer under the technology of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) launch on the market, our technology development is always so solid.

Nowadays, JINYIBO leading the trend and creating the culture of detection industry. Our company philosophy is that to make instruments as per standards, to ensure precision through science and technology, to satisfy clients with our service, to gain users from our responsibility.

In the future, there will be more on JINYIBO brand instruments applied to various fields all over the world to analysis material; JINYIBO will have a wider range of service teams and sales network around the world to solve the customer's material analysis requirements. All JINYIBO people are devoted of hard work, positive innovation to build a better JINYIBO.

We take customers and suppliers as important members of the team. We will stay true to the mission: Profession, Responsibility.And devote them to the service we offer anytime. Everything we do is to protect JINYIBO brand.

JINYIBO Vision: Self-Discipline and Social Commitment.

JINYIBO Mission: To make instruments as per standards, to ensure precision through science and technology, to satisfy clients with our service, to gain users from our responsibility. Short as: Precise Instruments, Perfect Experience.

JINYIBO Aim: To be the preferred supplier of analytical instruments globally.

JINYIBO Value: Diligent, Harmonious, Pragmatic, Innovation.

Diligent and Hardworking

We believe that all successful,
Need to pay double;
Tolerance for solitude and hardships is,
Necessary to get more opportunities;
Never give up when meet difficulties, 
Hold out until the moment of victory.

Harmonious and Positive

Always with positive attitude, To face work
Always with positive energy, To affect and encourage colleagues  
Always keep a learning mind ,To improve own ability

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No matter when and where,
Make a commitment,
Try our best to achieve it;
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Responsible for work and job;
Brave to take responsibility and dare to bear it

Innovation and Cooperative

Never stop innovation

Innovation is the soul of our company

Believe team power
Give full play to strong points 
Complement team advantages 
Cooperate and help colleague
Work hard to achieve team goal 
Provide reasonable suggestion
To promote company's development

Customer First 

Think what is in customer's needs and providing world-class service and support.

Designing, manufacturing and supporting quality innovative high-performance products in partnership with our suppliers, for our customers.
Don't pass the buck, even its not our problem.

Offer help for customers positively.

By achieving these goals, we will be a valuable and responsive partner to our customers and our suppliers.