Water-Powder Mixer

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The water-power mixer is composed of main machine body and centrifugal pump water wheel, which are vertically istalled. Through a double-layer wall pipe, the liquid materials and soiled materials are separately pumped in,Whicg can prevent them from agglomerating before entering into the main body. When the liquid enters into the main machine body of mixer at high speed, vacuum will produce in the center of water wheel to suck the soid material .

The soild machine wil be evenly sucked in through the regulation of valve under douche tank. It has brief design and multiple function .It can rapidly and evenly mix multiple siold material without contacting the air .The mixing is enough and product can be recycled .Under some condition ,use “online”and there is no need for recycling .Sanitary desigh and clamp connection with convenient assembly and disassembly No need to dismantle any device during the cleaning and disinfecting .

Mechanically close the valve to keep the inside sanitation 40℃ standard doudard tank. Specially designed for manufactures of dary product and beveahes ,the equipment can be used to mix material and liquid material in the  priduction od syrup, sorbitol, glucose ;actose and its  side products ,in the reduction of milk powder, in the solving into milk with cocoa powder or white  sugar,in the   solving of whey powder in the solving into water milk flour and starch, in the  production of salt water and in the preliminary mixing of voghurt and other dairy products. With advanced design n, fine manufacturing ,high production efficiency and durable use, is has obtained state patent.

Model SFH-5 SFH-10 SFH-20
Capacity (t/h) 0.3-5 1-10 2-20
motor power (kw) 3 7.5 11
Rotation speed of vane pump (rpm) 2800/1400