Course: Learn the secret to becoming a millionaire from mango farming (400 Hours).


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The course will be instructed by a team of distinguished and accomplished professionals within the field of agriculture, possessing significant expertise in the subject matter. During the course, enrollees will have access to a personalized tutoring service, which will enable them to address any uncertainties they may encounter throughout the learning process with an expert in the specific topic area.


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At the end of each module, you will be required to take a quiz that covers the material you have learned.

The quiz will be a comprehensive assessment of your understanding of the concepts, ideas, and skills presented in the module.


Course Description Details


Course: Learn the secret to becoming a millionaire from mango farming.



Mango farming remains untapped, meaning there are countless opportunities for those who intend to venture into the business. The main reason for this is that many people lack the technical knowledge needed to grow mango, process and marketing the production properly. At the end of this course, you will get knowledge and skills to setup a modern mango orchard and to get a lot of money from mangoes trees during many years.

What you will learn

Learning targets for for individuals and companies who want to invest and earn a lot of money over many years:

  • Information on good quality mango planting materials.

  • Recognise good husbandry practices in mango orchards Learn proper propagation of mango seedlings.

  • Learn proper diversification in mango orchards.

  • Learn proper management of mango pests and diseases.

  • Receive guidance on organic mango production.

  • Learn How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Mango.

  • Learn How to Prepare the Soil for Mango Trees: Tips for Best Soil Mix, pH, and Compost.

  • Acquisition of knowledge on  Mango Tree Grafting; Training; Pruning Techniques.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on High Density Mango and Ultra High Density Plantation Per Acre, Yield.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on Best fertiliser for Mango Tree: When to Apply and How To Apply.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on Organic Mango Farming, Cultivation Practices.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on Mango Flower and Fruit Drop, Causes, Control Methods.

  • Acquisition of knowledge on  Mango Pests, Diseases, and Control Methods.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on Common Mango Tree/Plant Problems: How to Fix Them, Solutions, and Treatment.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on Steps to Boost Mango Fruit Yield: Methods, Yield Improving Tips, Fertiliser to Increase Fruit Size.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on Processing and value addition of mango.

  • Acquisition of Knowledge on mango marketing and how to Earn a lot of money for many years from mango trees.




Have a great determination to learn and invest in mango growing and earn a lot of money for many years from mango trees.


Course Programme


  1. Starting Your Journey with Mango Farming: An Introduction to the World of Mangoes.

  2. Maximizing Mango Production: Essential Steps to Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Mangoes

  3. Maximizing Mango Growth with Proper Soil Preparation: Tips for Best Soil Mix, pH, and Composting

  4. Effective Methods for Mango Tree Propagation: Seed, Cuttings, Grafting, and Budding

  5. Optimizing Mango Seed Germination: Tips and Techniques for Successful Propagation

  6. Maximizing Mango Tree Growth with Proper Training and Pruning Techniques

  7. Optimizing Mango Production: The Role of High Density and Ultra High Density Plantation Per Acre

  8. Maximizing the Potential of Your Mango Trees: Fertilization Techniques and Timing

  9. Fertiliser Management in Mango: Homemade, Organic, Compost, Liquid, and Schedule.

  10. Mango Farming and Cultivation: From Planning to Profitable Harvesting

  11. Sustainable Organic Mango Farming: Techniques for Optimal Growth and Production

  12. Mango Flower and Fruit Drop: A Guide to Understanding the Causes and Solutions

  13. Understanding the Common Pests and Diseases Affecting Mangoes: Prevention and Control Methods

  14. Mango Tree Problems and Solutions: Understanding the Causes and Applying Effective Treatments

  15. Mango Cultivation: Common Questions and Answers for New and Experienced Growers

  16. Optimizing Mango Fruit Yield: Techniques, Fertilizers, and Best Practices

  17. How to Add Value to Your Mango Harvest: Post Harvest Techniques and Innovative Uses

  18. Mango Marketing: Strategies and Techniques for Maximizing Profitability.