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FFrequently asked questions




Frequently asked questions




What is NIRUDI?


NIRUDI is a cutting-edge digital platform that has revolutionized the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors. It is designed to connect all stakeholders in these industries, from small-scale farmers to large agribusinesses, with buyers, sellers, and investors from around the world.

Through NIRUDI, farmers and other stakeholders have access to a vast range of features and tools that enable them to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and profitability. These include e-learning courses, marketplaces for buying and selling products, a B2B and B2C platform for networking and collaboration, a patent salon for showcasing innovations, and an R+D+i salon for promoting research, development, and innovation.

One of the key advantages of NIRUDI is that it helps small-scale farmers and processors to overcome many of the challenges they face in their daily operations, such as lack of access to markets, inadequate knowledge about the latest techniques and practices, and limited financial resources. By providing a digital space where they can connect with buyers and investors, access training and knowledge-sharing opportunities, and showcase their products and innovations, NIRUDI has opened up new opportunities for growth and development in these industries.

NIRUDI also offers benefits to larger agribusinesses, research institutions, and investors. By providing a platform for networking and collaboration, these stakeholders can identify new market opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and access the latest innovations and research findings. In addition, NIRUDI offers a range of funding opportunities for R+D+i projects, which can help to drive innovation and improve the overall competitiveness of the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors.

Overall, NIRUDI is a powerful and innovative tool that is helping to transform the agriculture and food industries. Its comprehensive suite of features and tools make it an indispensable resource for all stakeholders, from small-scale farmers to large agribusinesses, and its focus on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation make it an ideal platform for driving growth and development in these critical sectors.



What benefits are obtained with NIRUDI?

NIRUDI is a digital platform designed to benefit users in the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors. By streamlining the buying and selling process, users can expect increased efficiency, better market navigation, and increased competition. The platform provides real-time market information, keeping users up-to-date with the latest trends and prices. With better connectivity, farmers, processors, distributors, and consumers can connect with each other easily, leading to more business opportunities. NIRUDI may also provide a platform to showcase the products and services of users, increasing their visibility in the market.

Furthermore, customer service support is available to help users with any problems or questions they may have. Overall, NIRUDI aims to provide a comprehensive and efficient way for users to conduct business in the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors. With increased efficiency, competitiveness, and connectivity, users can expect to take their businesses to the next level with the help of NIRUDI.

Additionally, NIRUDI offers a range of training and educational resources to help users improve their knowledge and skills related to agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors. These resources include e-learning courses, webinars, and other training programs that can help users learn about new technologies, techniques, and best practices.

Moreover, NIRUDI may also provide users with access to funding opportunities, R&D initiatives, and other resources that can help them grow and expand their businesses. This can be especially valuable for small-scale farmers and businesses, who may not have access to the same resources and opportunities as larger organizations.

Overall, the benefits of using NIRUDI are clear. Whether you're a small-scale farmer looking to connect with buyers, a food processor looking to expand your market, or a consumer looking for high-quality agricultural products, NIRUDI can help you achieve your goals. With its easy-to-use platform, comprehensive resources, and focus on efficiency and connectivity, NIRUDI is the ideal solution for anyone looking to succeed in the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors.


Who is NIRUDI for?


NIRUDI is for anyone involved in the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors who wants to streamline their business processes and increase efficiency. It is designed to serve a wide range of users, from smallholder farmers to large agribusinesses, processors, distributors, and consumers.

For smallholder farmers, NIRUDI provides access to a wider market, allowing them to connect with buyers and sell their products more easily. The platform provides valuable market information, enabling them to make informed decisions about what to produce, when to sell, and at what price. NIRUDI may also offer training and education resources, helping farmers improve their production techniques and practices, and ultimately increase their profitability.

For processors and distributors, NIRUDI helps connect them with suppliers and buyers, increasing their access to a wider range of products and markets. The platform's tools and resources can help them navigate the market more effectively, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their business. NIRUDI also provides a platform to showcase their products and services, increasing their visibility in the market and improving their chances of attracting new customers.

For consumers, NIRUDI provides access to a wide range of products and services, enabling them to make informed decisions about what to buy and where to buy it from. The platform provides valuable information about the products, including their origin, quality, and sustainability credentials. Consumers can connect directly with producers, enabling them to support local businesses and access fresh, high-quality produce.

In addition to its core user groups, NIRUDI also serves a range of other stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, and investors. For researchers, the platform provides access to valuable data about the market and the needs of users, helping them to design more effective interventions and innovations. Policymakers can use the platform to monitor trends in the sector and identify areas where policy interventions may be required. Investors can use NIRUDI to identify potential investment opportunities and assess the viability of different businesses.

Overall, NIRUDI is designed to serve a wide range of users in the agriculture, livestock, agri-food, and related sectors, helping them to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and connectivity. Whether you are a smallholder farmer, a large agribusiness, a processor, distributor, or consumer, NIRUDI can provide you with valuable tools and resources to improve your business operations and make informed decisions.


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